BULK Space

Freelance Consultancy:  September 2023- present

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In my collaboration with BULK Space, a Detroit artist collective, I showcased four videos from the collective alongside my own project “Homeland” at Juxtapose Art Fair in Aarhus, Denmark. In addition to showcasing the videos I provided curatorial, art, and creative direction for the exhibit, where I sourced design objects and the overall look of the  exhibition space.

re:arc institute

Freelance Consultancy:  November 2022- March 2023

Photo from London Symposium

I freelanced for re:arc for 5 months. During my time spent there I acted as a social media manager to help strategize and plan re:arc’s social media presence, alongside creating content for social media through event photography for re:arc’s launch party and their London Symposium. My main focus was to use social media platforms as a redirection space, a tool for research, and as an archive. The sole purpose of the platforms was to create organizational awareness.

Towards the end of my consultancy I left with 35,920 impressions from Instagram alone, and a 117% click through rate.

In addition I also was able to use re:arc for a final exam project when completing my Academy Professional Degree at KEA - Copenhagen school of Design and Technology. This project allowed me to  explore how web and other digital solutions can be used to create  more organizational awareness.

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True Gum 

Internship Period: August 22nd - October 31st 2022

During my three month internship at True Gum I worked as a social media and communications intern.

I focused on developing strategy, concepts, and content for Social Media, primarily for the platforms Instagram and LinkedIn. These two platforms were meant to be used to create engagement and communication between True Gum’s audiences.

My biggest project was to assist, plan, strategize, and create content for a launch of two new flavors, True Gum Mango Gum, and Peach Mint Pastilles. The point of the launch was to incorporate the digital customer journey and focus on increasing sales, impressions and reach with organic content.

My time spent at True Gum allowed me to gain a better understanding of how to strategize and plan for social media and also improve on content creation skills. I also was able to create an in depth trend analysis and market research report for the team.

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Mango Peach Launch

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Design Matters

Communications Assistant October 2021-May 2022

My time spent as a Communications Assistant at Design Matters primarily focused on writing for their online magazine DemagSign. Communications tasks also extended to their newsletter and writing copy for social media posts. In addition to writing I also focused on developing content for their two main social media channels Instagram and LinkedIn.

I was most proud to strategize and create the Design Matters Manifesto which is an embodiment of the core ethos of the organization. 

You can read all of my articles here on Medium and view content created below.

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